Yes, You Can Get Your Tattoo Removed In Texas

Tattoo removal has come of age. With the latest pulsed laser technology, you can now turn a bad tattoo into a distant memory.

Facilities are available all over Texas State, so you’re never too far from a specialist who can help you cover or get rid of any tattoos you no longer want.


So How Does It Work?

Laser tattoo removal is used to gradually remove tattoos deep in the skin. Although, tattoo ink is made to exist deep between the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin, lasers can completely remove tattoos. Prior to this technology, there were only two methods that were proven to work – both of which were pretty nasty.

Before laser removal was invented there was excision, which involved cutting out the tattooed skin, or using the dermabrasion, which involved aggressively rubbing off the tattoo design using an abrasive instrument.

But in the late 8o’s the laser method was introduced and it was greatly embraced as an alternative for skin surface work when removing ink deep in the skin.

laserscreenWhen an intense beam of a specific and exact narrow wavelength is directed at the skin, it immediately causes a precise tissue destruction to the target – i.e. a specific colour of ink pigment. This does not affect the surrounding skin in any way. The specific wavelength of laser beam light is attracted to tattoos pigments that are embedded within the skin. Every color of the tattoo attracts or rather absorbs the energy of a specific lasers wavelength. When ink starts to absorb the energy, it begins to expand until it reaches a point where the large ink molecules start bursting into smaller molecules. The tiny ink pieces are then small enough to be carried away by blood and eliminated as body waste. Darker ink colors are easier to remove with lasers than ink pigments that are close to the skin’s natural color. This is because lasers are more effective with dark colored ink targets against the skin pigment.

Complicated tattoo designs, area of skin coverage, multiple colors as well as the location of the tattoo ink skin are factors that can make laser tattoo removal even more difficult. Amateur tattoos that are not inscribed deep into the skin are known to fade away naturally from the sun and environmental exposure. These can be quickly removed by laser therapy.

So if you are in the Texas area, look up your local specialists and make an appointment for a consultation now.

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Laser removal treatment is not a cheap process, the machinery is expensive and tattoos do require an average of 4 to 12 treatments with a period of weeks left between them. However, it does remain the best way to get rid of tattoos you no longer want.

We look forward to meeting you and helping out with your needs.