East Dallas Tattoo Removal


For the latest laser tattoo removal technology in East Dallas, we can help you to remove those bad memories or poorly designed tattoos. Or maybe even to just free up some space for a fresh modern design you’d like instead.

A Little History

Dallas is the largest city in Texas, but it did not start out that way. It did not become the large city until it annexed its neighbor, East Dallas, back in 1890.

East Dallas started out as an area with just 40 acres. The first family to settle there was the Beeman family. That was in the 1860s. In 1872, a man named William Gaston, who was a Dallas landowner, wanted to promote that area for more development. More families came to settle there and the communities continue to expand.

Gaston paid two railroad companies $5000 each and the right-of-way to pass through his land in order to motivate them to build their railroads through East Dallas. When the railroads came, the workers started to settle between East Dallas and Dallas. The time was around the 1870s.

In 1882, East Dallas incorporated into a city. At that time it grew to 1,400 acres. A municipal government was formed and soon, a tax was levied to pay for city services. Schools were built for the population of children, which was under 500 in number. The Texas State Fair came to East Dallas in 1887, as well as the Dallas Exposition, which spurred more economic growth. By the end of the 1880s, East Dallas had 6,000 in population.

In 1889, R.S. Kimbrough, the Texas state senator, attempted to push a bill through state congress to remove the charter of East Dallas so it can become part of Dallas. East Dallas In, 1890, the two cities combined into one, which is what made Dallas the largest city in Texas. Dallas took over all of the debts incurred by East Dallas.

After the two cities combined, entrepreneurs settled in the warehouses and transformed them into venues where where people gathered for a bit of culture and socialization.


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