South Dallas Tattoo Removal


Let us help you get rid of unwanted tattoos. With the latest laser technology your consultant in South Dallas will help you get the best possible results from laser removal.

Quick Local Summary

You may think there’s not a lot to a small section of a city, but in the case of South Dallas, you’d be completely wrong. Dallas is one of the largest cities in one of the largest states, which means even one section of the city can be huge!

South Dallas is bordered by Interstate Highway 30 to the north, the Trinity River to the south and west, and White Rock Creek to the east. Though it has hit on some hard times in the past, the people who live there, alongside organizations such as Habitats for Humanity and Rebuilding Together Dallas, have been revitalizing it. They’ve been working hard to make it a place to be proud of, and a place to be happy to move to.

It consists of thirteen neighborhoods. Some of these include Fair Park, Jubilee Park, Exposition Park, Dolphin Heights, Queen City, and St. Phillips. No matter what your lifestyle, it’s likely there’s an area that fits your needs.

As well, the US Postal Service is proud to run the South Dallas Post Office, so you know your mail will be in good hands.

There are three public schools, which are all part of the South Dallas Independent School District. The schools are Billy Earl Dade Middle School, James Madison High School, and Lincoln High School (but maybe hold off on the tattoos till you leave). There’s also the Bill J. Priest Institute for Economic Development, for those who are seeking to further their education without leaving their home area.

Last but not least, South Dallas contains the Texas State Fair Grounds, where they host the Texas State Fair every year.

As you can see, there’s a lot to this suburb of Dallas, Texas. It’s not just one small neighborhood of one small city!


Of course you can also now get tattoos removed here too. All types of tattoo removal service are available, from small home tattoos to large high color pro jobs.

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