Galveston Tattoo Removal


Local specialists are now available for tattoo removal services in Galveston. If you’re wanting to cover a tattoo with a new design, a few laser removal treatments will greatly fade the original and provide a significantly better canvas for your artist to work from. Or continue treatments and see that unwanted tattoo design potentially fade completely away.

In The Area

Galveston is a seaside community close to Houston, located on barrier islands on the Gulf of Mexico. Although today it might be overshadowed by its much larger neighbor, Galveston has a an extensive history of its own and a fiercely independent character.

Historically, it was one of the busiest ports on the Gulf. It played a vital role in all kinds of shipping, and in the 19th century it was the second-busiest cotton port in the United States (behind New Orleans). This huge volume of international commerce made the city a hub for both financial and social development, and up until 1900 this was easily one of Texas’s most important communities.

Tragedy struck at the turn of the century in the form of the great Galveston Hurricane. It devastated the city, and the town has never recovered to the heights it enjoyed prior to the storm. However, it is far from abandoned today. It is still an important center for shipping and other businesses, and its well-preserved historic districts and seaside make it a popular tourist destination.

Located about fifty miles southeast of central Houston, Galveston is just a bit beyond the range of a comfortable daily commute. This is not a bad thing, though; because it has not turned into a bedroom community for the greater Houston area, it has retained a distinctive and desirable character all its own. This has proved attractive to both businesses and individuals, and the area has had no trouble maintaining a strong population throughout the years.

For those who go in search of hidden gems in the Houston area, Galveston is always a pleasant surprise. Whether they come for a brief stay or want to relocate permanently, visitors always come away with a strongly positive impression.

What Services

All kinds of tattoo removal treatments can be booked. We only use the modern laser machines for our treatments to give you the best possible results with the least risk of scarring or other uncomfortable side effects.

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