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For laser tattoo removal in San Antonio, you’re in the right place. Professional consultants are available now to talk you through the process of removing or covering your unwanted tattoos.

Tattoos have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few decades, with more than 10 million Americans now having at least one tattoo. Ultimately, however, more than half of all people with tattoos wish to have a tattoo removed or modified.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in modern technology, tattoo removal is easier than it has ever been before. A variety of lasers can be used to target tattoo ink pigment under the skin and fade away tattoos that are no longer wanted. Laser tattoo removal is totally safe and, with the use of anesthetic cream, pain and discomfort are kept to a minimum. It can take anywhere from five to 15 laser removal sessions for a tattoo to be completely removed, with the results being heavily dependent on how closely the patient follows proper aftercare treatments. Additionally, following proper aftercare helps patients avoid potential laser tattoo removal side effects such as skin darkening, skin lightening, skin swelling and permanent scarring.

So if you need a tattoo removal service in the San Antonio area, please get in touch today. Bad ink jobs can now be a thing of the past.

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For best results, laser tattoo removal patients should leave the dressing applied post laser treatment over the affected area for a full 24 hours. Exercise is allowed the day of the laser tattoo removal providing that no friction is applied to the affected area. The treated area should be cleansed gently two times per day with water and soap.

It is not uncommon for blistering to occur after laser tattoo removal. If a patient does blister, it’s critical that he or she avoids puncturing or picking at the blisters, as the blisters should be allowed to break off or reabsorb on their own. The blisters should be kept bandaged, with antibiotic creams and Vaseline applied on to the blisters to prevent infection and keep them moist 24 hours a day.

Redness and puffy skin is normal in the period immediately following laser tattoo removal and typically resolves after a few weeks. Itching of the skin is also relatively common after laser surgery and can be treated with a 1 percent hydrocortisone ointment.

Scabbing of the skin is also normal, but it is critical for patients to avoid picking at scabs, as doing so can lead to scarring. With any sign of skin irritation, swimming in pools and using hot tubs should be avoided.

For the best results, it is very important that patients avoid exposing the treated area to sunlight. The treated area needs to be covered any time a patient goes outside; the use of a sunscreen is not sufficient.

By following the proper aftercare treatment for tattoo removal, patients can expect to enjoy great tattoo removal results.