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More About The Area

Located within the city of San Antonio, Alamo heights is a prosperous city host to a population of 7031, which was recorded in 2010. The incorporated city from Texas is situated near downtown San Antonio and boasts many amenities for its residents.

Alamo Heights is approximately eight kilometres in the north direction of the urban downtown areas of San Antonio, one of the larger cities in the United States of America. The area encompasses approximately five kilometers in  area with no significant water bodies. It borders the neighborhoods of Lincoln Height in the south, Terrell Hills in the east, Olmos Basin Park in the west, and both Brackenridge Park and Fort Sam Houston to the south. It is also very close to the San Antonio International Airport, specifically five kilometers south.

The mayor of Alamo Heights is Louis Cooper. The rest of the city council consists of Bobby Hasslocher, Bobby Rosenthal, Fred Prassel, among others.

The vicinity of Alamo Heights racially consisted of a high majority of White and minorities of African American, Native American, Asian, among others.

A quarter of the population is aged from 25 to 44. As mentioned earlier, the area is well off in terms of money and that is the case as the average household income was well in the range of 70 thousand. Furthermore, there are many families, a little over 1800 to be exact, that reside in this area.

Alamo Heights contains public and private primary and secondary schools as well colleges, universities and public libraries.

All in all, it’s a great and affluent society and place that is well focused on families. From its presitigous schools, to its immense amount of amenities, or even to its large city council, Alamo Heights is a wonderful part of San Antonio to live in.

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