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Have you got a tattoo that you want to get removed? If you live in Northeast San Antonio you can talk to a consultant today about your specific tattoo and the results you can get with laser removal treatment.

The Area

Northeast San Antonio is part of the wider San Antonio metropolitan covering several cities. This is a unique city that radiates a small-town feel while at the same time providing all the amenities that come with a city environment.

Several cities combine to make what is referred to the Northeastern part of San Antonio; these are Live Oak, Windcrest, Kirby, Selma, Universal City, Converse and Schertz. The span covers all these cities.

As with any other part of San Antonio, the Northeast is rich in history and cultural diversity. The demographic make-up consists of Whites, Black, Asians, Native Americans and many more races. This cultural mix has produced an interesting landscape overall.

The climate is generally the same as the wider city. It is characterized by hot and humid summers and mild winters. Fall and spring are also quit pleasant. Overall the region receives roughly 300 days an year of sunny days, making it a perfect place for outdoors lovers.

The area is served by four school districts. These are Judson, North East and Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City. Some of the schools found here include, Allison Steele Enhanced learning center and Samuel Clement High School for high schools, J. Frank Dobie Junior High and Ray D. Corbett Junior High for junior high schools. There are also some elementary schools and intermediate schools as well.

The Forum, one of the largest shopping centers in San Antonio is also found in the Northeast. It is made up of several shops and restaurants. Another interesting fact is that Randolph Air Force Base is based in Schertz, which is found in Northeast San Antonio, making this region a commercial hub and a military center.

What Services Can You Get?

All kinds of tattoo removal treatments can be booked. We only use the modern laser machines for our treatments to give you the best possible results with the least risk of scarring or other uncomfortable side effects.

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